Reno's sweetheart (screamersgirl) wrote in animalkind,
Reno's sweetheart

A follow up to Bella's post

And yet more asshattery from dastestament, this concerning a very sick "joke" about one of his 16 cats. Now, number one, no one should own SIXTEEN cats to begin with. Number two. . .well, the joke is NOT funny at all.

I have too fuckin many snakes and too fuckin many cats. I started out years ago with the intention of getting one damn ball python, just one, but my grandmother had to move and had two of them, one full grown female and one male-so being the person that I am, unable to say no under any circumstance, I tell her I'll take them. No problem at all, Hey I'd be happy to! Sweet! now throughout the years under similar and the same circumstances with friends I've ended up taking in several more- also buying different breeds myself for breeding like a dumbass(-but thats my fault obviously), so what the hell, just breed them right? Before I know it I'm at full capacity and in fact, I'm not even totally sure that the amount I have and the sizable kind that I have is even legal in this county. Now I've got to draw up some plans tonight for a two wall aquarium shelving system or SOMETHING to house these in a more maintainable space. I have a state visit coming soon. I can't fit into my room anymore without a struggle because the aquariums block the door. That's going to look really bad if she see's that.

.. *snickers* at least I've got the beastie's big enough to help me downsize my 16 foster cats if some decided to piss and shit on the carpet some more.

Okay that was a sick joke, sorry. I seriously wouldn't feed a kitten..

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