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TN Man's Home Burns While Firefighters Watch, Pets Perish

Did you hear about the Tennessee man Gene Cranick, whose home burned because the firefighters didn't extinguish the fire---on account of his forgetting to pay a "subscription" fee ($75) to the county? Three dogs and a cat burned to death in the house! :(

Cranick also mentioned someone in the area had their barn allowed to burn to the ground with horses in it!

Where are the animal rights groups when you need them?

Here is a link to an interview with Gene Cranick including his mentioning the animals who were killed:
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That is disgusting, dont firefighters get praised for being 'heroes' and value saving lifes and peoples homes? and all because they didnt let a measely 75$ they let some man's whole life burn to the ground and his beloved animals perish? absolutely shamefull and they should be fired and ran out of town be being so greedy.